A year to remember

Chelsea Olewnik, Staff Writer

The school year is coming to a close and everyone is excitedly counting down the days to the last day of school. The end of the year brings excitement and happiness. It also brings back memories from the year. Here are some of the Prep students’ favorite memories.


Senior Sophie Wisniewski had met some amazing people throughout the year.


“My favorite memory this year was being able to meet new people and build friendships,” Wisniewski said. “Being goofy was essential.”


Sarah Huston, a freshman at the Prep, had a great time dressing up and showing school spirit.


“My favorite memory this year were the spirit weeks,” Huston said.


Annabelle Daigle, a junior, had a great time with old friends and cheer.


“My favorite memories this year were being captain of the cheer team and rekindling friendships with people who I didn’t think it was possible to be friends with again,” Daigle said.


Kali Kaufmann, a senior, loves being able to leave this school with good memories.


“My favorite part of this year is that I am able to leave this school with some fun memories,” Kaufmann said.


Senior Jonny Contreras had a great time playing soccer.


“My favorite memory was playing soccer and being able to finish high school strong,” Contreras said.


Junior Regan Spotanski was making the cheer team.


“Honestly, my favorite memory from this year was when I made the cheer team,” Spotanski said. “It gave me an amazing feeling of accomplishment. I love cheer with all of my heart. Plus, the relationships I’m building with my teammates and coaches is breathtaking. Joining cheer is my best memory, because of how great it feels to be a part of the team.”


Noah Lugo, a junior, has the amazing memory of becoming prom prince.


“My favorite memory was winning prom court,” Lugo said.


Senior Macy Joyner had a similar answer as Lugo.


“It was prom court and then winning prom queen,” Joyner said. “Also, I had a lot of fun in cheer.”


Senior Paulette Rivera had an amazing opportunity to see Stars on Ice with her closest friends.


“I really liked going to Stars on Ice with Megan and Katrina,” Rivera said. “It was really, really amazing. I will always want to go when they come to Arizona.”


Sharing the same memory, Senior Megan Walker said it was her favorite.


“I liked Stars on Ice because I got to see my mans,” Walker said. “Nathan Chen. I’ve always admired the figure skaters and I always thought it was a beautiful sport, similar to how I danced with the dance team. It was really special to see these athletes that I’ve looked up to for a long time and to be able to enjoy it with my friends in my last year of high school.”


While his favorite memory wasn’t in school, Marc Celaya’s was with his classmates.


“Well, my favorite memory is the weekend before Jake left,” Celaya said. “We all got together – Patrick, Alec, Mike, Joe, and Jackson – and got to hang out with him and give him one last good memory before leaving.”


Megan Elmore, a junior, was getting new friends.


“I liked meeting new friends at lunch,” Elmore said. “I liked sitting with my senior friends, like Macy and Patrick and Alec and Mike.”


Junior Randy Brookshire had a great time with the homecoming floats.


“I had a great time riding the homecoming float with all my friends,” Brookshire said.


Rita Sauret, a sophomore exchange student, had a lot of fun on the trips and at prom.


“I loved going on trips – to Hawaii and San Francisco – and prom,” Sauret said. “These events were with people that I really care about and I had a lot of fun with them.”


Freshman Ammy Gamez had an amazing year and couldn’t decide what her favorite memory was.


“My favorite memory, I have so many,” Gamez said. “I loved the dances and the potlucks. Cambridge review sessions were really hard and killed me inside but it brought me closer to my classmates. They’re my second home and I find refuge in my teachers! I loved doing cheer this year, but it may not relate to too many people. My favorite feeling is spending time in class with people who care about you. You sort of don’t realize how great the little moments are until you go home. We all impact each other and I think it’s sweet.”


Students are ending the school year with some amazing memories. New friends and old friends helped make this year one for the books. With all the events and the great people here, it wasn’t exactly a hard feat to beat.