Dare to watch Truth or Dare?

Rebecca Diaferia, Staff Writer

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Truth or Dare, which came out on April 13, looked like a must-see promising horror movie.

During a vacation trip to Mexico, a group of college friends finds themselves in a situation they are later going to regret. They are now “trapped” in a game, Truth or Dare, and they can’t get out of it.

In the movie, a demon has taken possession of the game that these kids are playing and it has followed them home after the trip.

It was not meant to be funny, but it was in some strange way. The movie could have been better if they made it funny, since it seemed like it was supposed to be goofy.

The whole movie consists of showing everyone’s turn in the game and about the group trying to find a way to end what is ruining their lives.

Among the various cruel scenes in the film, they tried to include different relationship problems and revelations between the main characters that didn’t matter much in the context of the movie and were pretty irrelevant.

Also, it could be hard for some people to dive themselves into the film and the characters, and not get distracted from the relevant roles that some actors had in other big TV shows. For example, the main roles in the movie were played by Lucy Hale (Olivia), who was in Pretty Little Liars, and Tyler Posey (Lucas), who was the protagonist of the show Teen Wolf.

If you like more of a cruel scary movie that is not heavy to watch, this film could really capture your interest. However, basing our opinion on the quality of horror movies, this film can be indeed found boring and with a lack of plot twists.

Not to be underestimated is the ending, which is the only part that really leaves you surprised from the choice the guys make at the end of the movie.

Truth or Dare can be described as a movie you’d watch when you stay home and there is nothing else to see. It is not the scary movie you want to go to the movie theater for and spend money on.

Definitely a 6 out of 10.