Drama club talent show

Rebecca Diaferia, Staff Writer

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If you love to act, sing or dance, from this year on, don’t miss the opportunity!

For the first time this year, Imagine Prep has a drama club, that has been up and running for a couple of months.

The club is led by Kristi Studts, a high school English teacher, who had the idea of starting it. She makes sure that everything runs smoothly with the help of Savannah Boren, currently a senior, who is the student overseer chosen by Studts, who gives her a lot of room to plan everything for the club, including what activities the students do at the meetings.

“I’ve always loved to see the excitement and joy when students perform. I loved it when I was in high school and it’s great to see that hasn’t changed,” Studts said.

This year, the club will have a pop-up talent show, which will be hosted on April 25 and April 26. The show will be formed by different groups that will go around classrooms presenting scenes, sketches and their talents. Some of the presentations will take place during lunch too, so be prepared!

“What is the purpose of the talent show? We’re opening up the arts program at Imagine Prep and we want to encourage all students to explore their talents and enjoy what others have to offer,” Studts explained.

The club is open to middle school students and high school students, but the club is composed mostly of high schoolers. All the students in the club enjoy acting, singing, and dancing.

The auditions took place from March 26 to April 2, where a lot of people showed up.

“I was surprised by how many students could actually sing,” Boren said, being a singer herself.

All the kids will also have the opportunity to show their talents and will present different ones, and not just acting, singing or dancing.

“For example there is a sixth grader who is giving a motivational speech,” Boren explained.

So if you’re around while this is happening, be sure to stay tuned to see the talents that will be portrayed!

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Drama club talent show