All the way to the goal!

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All the way to the goal!

Rebecca Diaferia, Staff writer

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Soccer is one of the most popular games in the United States, and is even more popular worldwide.

This year the Imagine Prep co-ed soccer team has a total of 21 players.

Practice is fundamental, and the varsity soccer team practices two to three times a week, though the amount of practices can vary based on when the games are coming up.

Michelle Meunier, one of the high school soccer coaches, explained that one of her responsibilities is to make sure that the coaches always have a plan of action for each day of practice, to manage the improvements that need to be made.

We like to include a mixture of fun and tactical activities, while also working on conditioning so the team is in shape for the season,” Meunier said.

Also, they need to make sure that when it comes to game time, but not only on that occasion, all of the players on the team are in good standing academically.

“I was interested in being the coach of the soccer team because it is a sport that I have played since I was about five. It is something I love, and being able to share that with some of the students at our school is pretty amazing,’’ Meunier said.

She really likes to be able to show a side of her that students are not used to see in the classroom and to share the passion she has for this sport.

Last season the team made the playoffs and this year we can only hope for the same results or for an even better achievement.

Senior Rachel Jones has been playing soccer for six years and she’s been on the school team for three years now. She started soccer because she wanted to try a new sport, and she then ended up loving it. She described the team as a pretty great and fun team, and her hope for this season is to make it to the playoffs and even further.

“It’s always exciting to play at the games, especially the away games because they’re more fun. Also every game is different and it’s an opportunity to see how we can improve for the games to come,” Jones said.

Sophomore Siera Jones has been on Imagine’s soccer team for three years, but she started playing soccer four years ago after seeing her older sister Rachel Jones.

“My hope for this season is to win!” Jones said.

This year the soccer team has a new player, a foreign exchange student from Spain, Oscar Sanchez. He has been playing soccer since he was five, and he has never stopped since then. Sanchez said that there are many differences between soccer here and in Spain, but the one that he noticed the most it that, soccer is a lot more popular in Spain and in Europe in general.

Even if he really likes the sport, his teammates, and coaches here at Imagine Prep he stated that he prefers soccer back in Spain. However, he is really excited to be part of the team, adding this experience to his exchange year.