The Bliss of Swiss Miss

Cayla Vaughan, Editor

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The weather is beginning to steadily drop here in Arizona. People are going to Starbucks and Dutch Bros to try the latest holiday flavored hot chocolates and coffees to reflect the holiday season. However, if you’re anything like me, you just want to stay home to read rather than go out to get a hot chocolate.


Cayla Vaughan
Swiss Miss is now available for most Keurigs.


Name: Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa


Rating: 5/5 Marshmallows


Swiss Miss is probably the most classic household name for easy at home hot chocolate making. The smooth, chocolate flavor creates a ballet on your tongue. It’s simple to make and even simpler to drink. Whether you make it traditionally from a pouch, or use a K-cup for your Keurig, it can be made in five minutes or less so you can hangout with friends, or family on the couch and watch your favorite movies.