2017-2018 Staff

Meolody Steele

Staff Writer

Melody is a junior at Imagine Prep Surprise. She is a fan of The Pink Windmill kids and enjoys all types of cheeses. She enjoys writing about arts and entertainment and Leonardo DiCaprio. In the future she hopes to attend NAU...

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Hannah Fritch

Staff Writer

Hannah Fritch is an 18 year old senior here at Imagine Prep Surprise. She would like to go the Grand Canyon University to get her bachelor's degree in History with an emphasis in secondary education. She dreams to become a high...

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Rebecca Diaferia

staff writer

Hey, I'm Rebecca Diaferia, an exchange student from Turin, Italy. I'm a junior and I'm currently attending the whole school year. During my free time I like swimming and travelling. I love Arizona's weather and spending time with...

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Heidy reyes

staff writer

Hello, My name is Heidy Reyes. I am an 18 year old 12th grader. In my spare time I enjoy listening to music, cooking, sleeping and hanging out with close friends and my pet bird Magoo. In journalism I hope to be able to keep the...

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Taylor Lancaster

Staff Writer

Taylor Lancaster is a senior at Imagine Prep Surprise. She is 17, almost 18, and she is going to attend Ottawa University in the fall of 2018. She wants to major in Secondary Education, specifically Mathematics. She is passionate...

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Caedmon Waterman

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Caedmon Waterman and I'm a senior at Imagine Prep at Surprise and next year I will be a student at a university in Bisbee, Arizona. I take interest in art and sports. I'm very straight forward with what I say.

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Karissa Jimenez

Staff Writer

Karissa Jimenez is a junior at Imagine Prep in Surprise. This is her first year in journalism and wishes to continue writing her opinion on things. She tends to keep to herself but lets all her ideas out on paper. Her favorite...

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Dennis Piert

Staff Writer

Dennis Alexander Piert III is a 17 year old senior attending Imagine Prep School at Surprise. Dennis thinks soccer is pretty cool, and his favorite team is Real Madrid. He frequently requests that people refer to him as Cristiano...

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Autumn Froitland


Autumn Froitland is a senior at Imagine Prep at Surprise. She enjoys writing for Sports, Arts and Entertainment, and Opinion. She hopes to one day major in Journalism in college. She is not only excited but thankful for the ability...

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Hallie Parke

Staff Writer

Hallie Parke is a senior at Imagine Prep High School who loves to write for the people. This is her first year in journalism, but her love for writing has existed for many years. Her favorite food is any food, she loves the color...

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Samantha Holguin

Staff Writer

Samantha Holguin is a Junior at Imagine Prep @ Surprise. She is 16 years old and her birthday is August 6. Her favorite color is burgundy. Her favorite food is red enchiladas. Her favorite TV show is "The Office". Why she likes...

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Chelsea Olewnik


Chelsea Olewnik is a senior at Imagine Prep at Surprise. She is unsure of the college she wants to attend, but she wants to be a book author. Her favorite television show is Riverdale. She likes journalism because it is a way...

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Katrina Ortiz

Staff Writer

Katrina Ortiz is a high school senior at Imagine Prep Surprise who is just trying to do her best in the world to make it a better place. Besides her love for bunnies and flowers, she also has a deep love for writing about the...

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Samantha Hachmann

Staff Writer

Samantha Hachmann is a senior here at Imagine Prep Surprise. She will become a Wildcat at the University of Arizona in the fall of 2018 and major in neuroscience and cognitive science. Samantha enjoys playing volleyball, drawing,...

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Cayla Vaughan


Cayla Vaughan is a senior at Imagine Prep at Surprise. She is 18, and plans to attend the University of Arizona in Fall of 2018. She wants to major in Special Education with a Deaf Studies emphasis to become an American Sign Language...

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