Middle school volleyball is heating up

The  middle  school  season  is  about  to  start.

The team has had  practices  and open  gyms  for  the  tryouts. Now it is time to prepare for the upcoming season.

The  players  were  very  excited  when  they  found  out  that  they  were  on  the  team,  they  were  very  happy  to  start  the  new  experience  with  coach   Jamie Zimmerman.

Practice  will  be  four  times  a  week.

“The  practices  are  not  going  to  be  very  intense,  they  are  going  to  be  the  same  as varsity  volleyball  was,” Zimmerman  said. 

Zimmerman shared that the team had a lot of fun with some of the activities they did during tryouts.

“I  coached  the  tryouts and  they  really  enjoyed  the  games  that  they  did  during  those  days,”  Zimmerman  said  

The  season  will  be  divided  by  normal  practices  and  condition  practices.,  These practices  are  going  to  be  three  days  of  normal  practice  and  the  other  will  be  all  conditioning. 

Players  will  have  to  pay  or  show  a  medical  health  condition  and  pay  “a  sports  fee”   that  will  be  $150  per  player.