White Christmas, desert Christmas

What do you prefer?

Katharina Unger, Staff Writer

I am an exchange student from Germany and when I was young we had lots of snow, but only in January and February. I always wanted to have snow on Christmas, but when I got my placement in Arizona, I got very excited: No snow, but also no cold and rain on Christmas, is something that I never really considered, so I asked myself “What do other people think about this and what do they prefer? White Christmas, classic with lots of snow or desert Christmas, warm and no snow?”

So I started an opinion poll:

Out of 29 people, the majority of 21 people prefer white Christmas. Since Arizona is mostly desert, a variety is very much appreciated.

“It creates the atmosphere,” junior Vittoria Rho said.

Another reason why so many students and teachers prefer white Christmas, because they can make snowmen.

“I love snow,” Kaylie Barber, a senior, said.

It is the best time of the year to make fond memories with friends and family that you wouldn’t get with a desert Christmas.

“I am used to having Christmas with snow,” Alba Fernandez, a sophomore explained. “Christmas without snow is weird to me.”

Seven people like desert Christmas better than traditional white Christmas, because they don’t want to have snow.

“I am used to having snow and cold weather for Christmas, but ever since moving to Arizona, I have really enjoyed having warmer weather and sunshine,” teacher Michelle Baker, who is originally from Michigan, said.

Others interviewed stated that masses of snow are blocking houses, which is something you don’t have in the desert, which is why they prefer desert Christmas.