Going Off the Grid for One Year: What Would You Do?

Lacking. That is the very adjective for our everyday life that causes our brains to daydream. A way to wander off to a more fulfilling life with a more fulfilling role in it. The internet has especially put the spotlight on those who have achieved this ‘perfect and fulfilling life off the grid’, inspiring viewers to rethink the way they wish to live. 

A schoolwide survey was conducted that involved asking students about what they would do if they could go off the grid for one year. Going “off the grid” is commonly described as living self-sufficiently, without the help of public utilities, and sometimes even being untraceable through normal means. When asked where they would go if they could go off the grid, all survey respondents answered that they would live outside of Arizona. Popular answers included living on an island, a farm, or in a forest. One student said that she would either live in France or a cottage in a small town. 

“I [would] read romance novels all day, farm [and live by] a vegetarian lifestyle because I hate most meats and could never kill an animal intentionally,” Jaidyn Niccum, an 11th grader said.

She explained that she would live this way because she would have the choice to talk to others, which seemed to be a popular ideal among many of the survey respondents. 

Another student answered that she would move to the forests of Texas, next to a pond with cows and build her own house to live in with her best friend and three dogs. 

 “No more annoying neighbors, loud cars, or dirty streets,” Emily Willkom, a 9th grader said. “I would use solar energy and collect rainwater for my personal use. I would go to a small school (without many people), and pursue things like crafting with wood, horseback riding, juicing, and gardening.” 

She expressed that her current life in the city prevents her from being able to fully relax, be at peace and be close to nature. 

Another student responded that she would go to the Bahamas and live like she were the only person left in the world. 

“That doesn’t mean I would steal or anything like that, but I would take my time and enjoy the year that I would have off,” Haley West-Pemberton, a 10th grader said. “I wouldn’t have to listen to anyone, and I’d be able to have fun without anyone on my back about what I am doing.” 

The aspect of being able to start fresh and live quietly away from people and expectations seemed to appeal to most of the survey respondents. Unfortunately, for most these scenarios are not attainable but it is still fun to think about!