Adams Family – PTO Movie Night


On   Friday,  Oct. 22,   the  students  of  Imagine  Prep  Surprise  were  invited  to  watch  a  family-friendly  Halloween  movie.  

Addams  Family  (2019)  is  the  movie that most of the students voted to watch, the Imagine Prep PTO  chose  as  the  movie  for  this  fall  event.

this is the cover of the DVD

After  the  movie  there  was  a  raffle  for  the  DVD. 

The  movie started  at  6:00  p.m  and  guests  were  asked  to  bring  blankets  and  chairs  to  stay  comfortable  while  enjoying  the  film.  

The  PTO  President, Amy Miller said  This event was held to promote a positive school culture including families of Prep students

Miller said food  and  the  drinks were  on  sale  by  the  PTO  to  help  offset  the  cost  of  renting  the  movie  equipment.

According  to  Miller,  the  event  was  open  to  anyone,  and  that  she  hoped  to  see  a  lot  of  teachers  and  students  in  attendance.  

The  middle  school  dance  was  also held  on  the  same  evening  in  the  bistro.

Miller said middle schoolers were able to dress up for the dance and come outside with their friends for refreshments and to watch the movie.                    

Sophomore Leah Perez said she attended movie night. ‘I  had fun with friends and family’ Perez said. 

We  interviewed  our    student  Laura Weiler,  she  said  that  she  wasn’t sure of she would be going to the movie night  if  she  was  going  to  be  there,  because  it  was  actually  a  football  game  the  same day  and  she  wanted  to  go  to  the  football  game  too. 

Weiller  said  that  it was  going  to  be  an  amazing  experience  to  live  here  in  the  United States,  because  usually  in  Germany  they  don’t  do  that kind of things