Prep’s Senior Prom Is On With An Interesting Twist


After a year of uncertainty and questioning due to COVID-19, Imagine Prep seniors will be able to attend an in-person prom this upcoming Saturday, May 15, from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. “A Night In The Spotlight”, the 2021 senior prom, will be held in the Imagine Prep Surprise Bistro and Outdoor area, and will feature dancing, games, and food! In order to attend, seniors were required to submit a permission form including multiple signatures, and detailing who their one allowed guest would be, though no payment was required. Forms were due on Friday, May 7. 

Though there is no official dress code, it is recommended that students and their guests dress in formal prom attire, and it will be required for everyone to wear masks at all times while on campus. Once students enter the building, they will not be permitted to leave and return, and will be denied re-entrance if they attempt to do so. Furthermore, outside food and drink are not allowed.

 A dance floor will extend from the inside to the outside bistro, field games will be placed on the outdoor basketball court, Mario Kart and other Nintendo games will be played in a classroom located near the bistro, and appetizers and desserts will be served.

 Additionally, Assistant Principal Daniel Hattley has invited Cerealphoria, a food truck serving cereal based desserts, to serve cereal milkshakes and sundaes for free at Imagine Prep on the night of prom!

Please note that attendees will be permitted only one free item of their choice from the Cerealphoria truck. Though it is not typical for Prep’s prom to be hosted on the Imagine Prep Surprise campus, administration and high school student council are working to make this prom a fun, safe, and memorable experience for all attendees, and they hope that you’ll choose to attend! Please direct any and all questions about prom to Ms. Pupo and Mrs. Baker.