4 broadway musicals turned movies coming out this year

In The Heights: comes out June 11

In the Heights takes place in a New York Latino neighborhood; Washington Heights. In the Heights plays different music than the stereotypical musical, some of the genres being: hip-hop, soul music, merengue, and salsa. The main character of the musical is Usnavi, an immigrant from the Dominican Republic who is dating Vanessa, a salon dresser. Nina likes Benny, a man who’s worked for her parents for many years; Nina’s father doesn’t want them together because he wants Nina to focus on her education. Nina is also worried about her parents becoming bankrupt paying for her college.

Dear Evan Hansen: comes out September 24 (parental advisory for the movie: substances, anxiety, loneliness, suicide)

Dear Evan Hansen is a popular Broadway musical about a teen boy in high school struggling with social anxiety who struggles to make friends. Evan gets the life he never thought he could have after helping a family grieve the passing of their son. In an attempt to comfort the grieving family, Evan gets trapped in a lie about being the friend of the recently passed boy. After the lie, Evan doesn’t want to get caught so he asks another friend to help him fabricate emails between himself and Connor as proof of their friendship. Then a fake suicide note ends up online and Evan finds himself in a viral video about friendship and loneliness. Dear Evan Hansen will be a bit different from the broadway musical because they get to break away from the stage.

Come from away: comes out September 

Come from Away is a musical surrounding 9/11 based on a true story. A bunch of flights landed in a small town in Newfoundland after the attacks on the US using other American planes. The people of the town pulled themselves together to help the stranded passengers. Many different types of people from different backgrounds came together to help the people and establish friendships. Come from away will be a recording of the musical on broadway from the audience view

Westside Story: comes out December 10

Westside Story is about rival gangs fighting for the same territory and things become tricky when one member falls in love with a rival’s sister. The jets are a gang of “American” boys and the sharks are Puerto Rican boys and they both want the same land. This movie will also break away from the stage as it is being filmed in real-life settings.