Evermore: Taylor Swift’s Surprise Album  

On Dec. 11, 2020 Taylor Swift dropped her ninth studio album and her second album of the year, Evermore. Earlier in the year, she released an album titled Folklore on July 24, 2020 and less than five months later came, what Swift calls, Folklore’s sister album. Evermore was released because Swift and the co-producer, Aaron Dessner, had such chemistry when writing songs they just couldn’t stop. Some guests that appear on the album include Bon Iver, Haim and The National. There are 15 songs on the album including two bonus tracks “Right Where you Left me” and “Time to Go”. The cover for the album is Taylor Swift facing away from the camera and her hair in one long braid down the back of her head with a coat covering her. Some fans have a theory that the braid was styled with 31 folds in her hair because her 31st birthday was coming up, it hasn’t been confirmed nor denied so fans are left to wonder.


My top three songs from the album would have to be “Willow”, “Long Story Short” and “No Body, No Crime”. 


“Willow” is in first place because it’s a nice love song that has a lovely sound, it makes you feel like you’re living in an old village. 


“No body, no crime” is next because I love true crime-related things and this song tells the story about two murders that started because of a secret. 


Last, but not least, is “Long Story Short”, every celebrity has scandals and gets into bad situations in their lives. This song is all about the ones Swift has been caught in and about the growth she’s made from it. I love many other songs from this album, but these are my highest ranked.


There’s a couple of songs on the album that I don’t listen to much because I didn’t get too attached my first time hearing them. I don’t really like country music, so I barely listen to “CowboyLike Me”, this song is about two con artists who fall in love. The two bonus tracks that were added to the album are some other songs I barely listen to. They came out on the CDs first and even after I got the CD I haven’t listened to them much they just didn’t get me right away.