Imagine Prep Stepping Up During Hard Times


 Today in society we are facing a global pandemic that first occurred in early March of 2020.  Since then many Americans have faced struggles, but a main problem is loss of jobs which creates a risk of not being able to provide for you and your family.  Over 30 million Americans across the country have lost their jobs. Many families are now struggling with being able to put food on the table especially for their kids.  Graphs and charts show that there has been a big increase in poverty since the pandemic started. In terms of Arizona the same thing is happening there, but there is one school in particular that is really stepping in and helping out the community.  Imagine Prep Surprise understands that with Corona Virus and the loss of jobs, many families can’t provide food for their loved ones and their children.  Imagine Prep has been providing students with free lunch and breakfast.


NSLP shows how many kids they have helped with their program

They’ve done this since the start of the 2020-2021 school year and the amount of families they’ve helped is incredible. Imagine Prep has also made this safe and accessible. They make sure to get the message out that if you are ever struggling to get breakfast or lunch, they’re there to help you.  Not to mention the staff are amazing and super kind.  All you have to do is drive to the campus and get the food you need, it’s super easy and simple.  Imagine Prep has been able to do this through a partnership with the National School Lunch Program. 

CariAnn Wade who works with the NSLP (National School Lunch Program) and in the front office at Imagine Prep explained where the idea came to provide free meals, explaining that it had been a program from last school year. The two main programs are the Summer Food Service Program and the National School Lunch Program, which have since then been extended through June 30, 2021.  


Wade explained the impact the program has had on families so far this year.

“Hundred’s a week, and thousands a month of students come in,” Wade said.

That means that thousands of meals have been provided to families in need during this pandemic.  There has to be some cost associated with giving out free meals.

According to Wade, the USDA has funding available for the SFSP program, and the community helps out. This really means that the program goes a lot deeper than just a free breakfast and lunch program and it really takes a lot of effort and dedication from staff members.

USDA logo

Wade has some advice for people who are looking to help out with food scarcity during the pandemic.

“You guys can write letters to the state senate even when we’re not in Covid times,” Wade said.

Students can write letters to the state senate asking them to keep the lunch program open for kids who are still in need of food even when the pandemic is over.  So many of us can really help out if we just work together and Imagine Prep is truly showing us that.   There’s so many advantages for anyone who uses this program and needs a helping hand.  


Imagine Prep Surprise, they’re making a big impact

 One  wonderful thing with this program is that for kids choosing to do hybrid learning, some attend on Mondays and Thursdays and some attend on Tuesdays and Fridays. This enables them to be able to take food home for the rest of the week for when they’re not in school.   

Wade shared what her goals for the program are.

“For no child to go hungry,” Wade said.