Dressing Up For Spring!

Allie McDonald, staff writer

Spring is here! As we all know springtime here in Arizona doesn’t last very long, if we’re lucky we get about a month of nice, coolish weather before the heat waves of summer come flooding in. The weather tends to change a lot around this time, it can be cool and sunny one day and stormy the next. Always check the weather before going out, you don’t want to go out wearing a sundress and it is chilly and gloomy outside. It just ruins your mood.

For those gloomy, rainy spring days try wearing bright colors with a plain trench coat and some cute boots. Sometimes on days like that I like to scrub with some sweats, or possibly stretchy leggings, a plain tee or long sleeve (depending on  how cold it is that day) with a long trench coat. 

For hair I’d throw it up in a high messy bun or even a slick back bun. For accessories, tie the outfit together with some cute little hoops or if you’re feeling a little more confident, wear those big hoops and finish it up with big rounded or squared shades and a small handbag of any color. Confidence is the key to looking good in any outfit you wear.

Here Comes The Sun, 70s Is Back Baby!

Now for those warm, sunny spring days, I personally go for more of a 70s style. Bell Bottom jeans or some cute baggy mom jeans and a puffy long sleeve princess crop top. You can get creative with the accessorizing for this kind of outfit, for a belt you can go with a traditional belt like a black or brown leather belt with a silver or gold buckle or if you’re feeling kind of “groovy” try using a printed sash or a thin scarf for a belt. 

For the hair, I like to let my natural waves down and tie a matching headscarf or bandanna like a headband to go with the belt. A short-chained gold necklace with  gold hoops or dangling pearl earrings would tie the outfit together. Live the day up feeling free-spirited and looking like you just walked out of “That 70s Show.” 

Bringing 90s-00s Punk Back, With a Pastel Twist!

If you don’t really vibe with the 70s groove and are more of a punk rock kind of person, almost like a 90s or early  kind of style, I know how to mix that sweet touch of spring into your wicked style. Let me just say, a pair of black leather Doc Martens boots with any plaid fitted skirt is the way to go for that 90s fit. But instead of your typical plaid colors try out more pastel colors or even both combined. Pastels and darker colors would match really well depending on what colors they are.

 You could mix up the colors for example, I feel like a deep emerald green with a pastel pink and white would look good on a plaid fitted skirt. Instead of having different colors, you could try different hues of the same color like navy blue or even a dark royal blue with a pastel blue or a different hue of blue and white would look good if you’re not into the all pastel colors.  

Emma Chamberlain, a YouTube influencer, played a big part in bringing back the 90s punk style. She’s always rocking a plaid  fitted skirt and a clean pair of Doc Martens. I’m personally not a huge Emma fan, but I’ve always admired her style. She also likes to mix it up with a bit of a 90s street style, which I absolutely adore! 

The 1995 film “Clueless”  is also a big inspiration when it comes to that elegant but casual 90s style. A pair of black leather Doc Marten Mary Jane’s, a pastel plaid fitted skirt and matching blazer with a plain tee or tank top/ crop top underneath will give you more of a girly look than that punk style. If you’re not the blazer type, a simple over-sized denim jacket would give you more of a girly, tomboy sort of look.