September Athlete Of The Month

With the fall sports seasons here, many stars from the Prep have emerged and made a name for themselves resulting in their names being called to the Athlete of The Month list. Chasing the Storm sat down with these chosen athletes and had a chat with them regarding how their season is going along. 

The first athlete that was interviewed, was Will Allen who is currently a Junior at Imagine Prep Surprise, he is a Wide Receiver for the Varsity Football Team. 

Will Allen | Junior | Wide Receiver

How do you feel the season is going ?

Well the season is going really good and we got a lot of good stuff happening.

What do you like about playing football ?

I really enjoy getting touchdowns and anything to make sure that my team will win, it’s also fun being around the team. 

What has been your favorite moment about this season so far ?

My favorite moment was when we had our first scrimmage because it was really cool seeing the the school come support. That game I juked two people and then got a touchdown. 

How far do you think you guys will go ?

I think we will go all the way if we stay consistent with our play.

When did you start playing football ?

I started playing in the 8th grade. 

What Inspires or motivates you to work so hard ?

The way that my parents provide for me and all they do, I just wanna give back to them.

Next Chasing the Storm sat down with Abby Ramirez. She’s a freshman and goes to Imagine Prep Surprise, she plays for the Varsity Volleyball team and has been very successful on the hardwood. The athlete of the month was asked several questions regarding how her season has been. 

Abby Ramirez | Freshman | Middle Blocker

What position do you play ?

I’m a middle blocker.

What has been your favorite memory of the season so far ?

My favorite memory has been volunteering at the food bank with my team.

How would coaches and friends describe you ?

They would describe me as caring, dedicated, and hardworking not only on the court but also in the classroom.

What do you enjoy about volleyball ?

I really like being around my team and getting wins with them.

Chasing the Storm then headed to see the stars of middle school sports, first we went and met with Tatum Hancock. She is in the 7th grade and plays for the junior high Volleyball team. She is the outside hitter of the team.


Tatum Hancock | 7th Grader | Volleyball

What do enjoy about playing volleyball ?

It’s really fun and I like playing with my friends.

How would coaches or friends describe you ?

They would describe me as energetic, outgoing, and loud.

Chasing the Storm then headed out to interview Regan Youngs who is an 8th grader that is on the Cross Country team.


Regan Youngs | 8th Grader | Cross Country 

What do you enjoy about being in cross country ?

I enjoy the endurance and conditioning that you can get and being with friends.

Favorite memory in the sport so far ?

Going before my meets and hanging with my team.

Three words your coaches would describe you as ?

Fun, energetic, and exciting.