Trends Now v.s. Then

Things have changed very much in the last 20 years.

According to Ben Andree, the media teacher here at Imagine Prep, who was a senior in high school in 1994, he listened to grunge music such as Pearl Jam and SoundGarden, and he could be caught wearing tattered jeans, Chuck Taylors, band T-shirts, wearing flannels around his waist, and circle glasses.

Andree’s favorite trend was the music. He says he would go to concerts, cruise around, and that he and his friends became “Mall Rats”. He even says that he had a crush on the woman who worked at the Sears tool section. 

Andree says that cell phones and the use of driver licenses  have been the biggest trend change for him. He doesn’t understand the concept of FaceTime or the fact that there is no hangout spots to go with your vehicle. 

“Trends change so fast, they come and go so quickly,” Andree said, clarifying what sticks out the most to him with trends.

Lastly, he says that with the trends going on now, he hates K-pop the most. 

When talking to Chance Raymond, who was 17 in 2012, he said that he listened to rock and roll, such as Motley Crew, and had long hair.

With the new trends, Raymond said that he doesn’t understand slang words such as “on jaw”, “no cap”, and “weird flex,, but okay”. He also said that he doesn’t understand mumble rap because according to Raymond, you can’t even hear what they are saying. 

Finally, Aubrē Stark, a senior at Imagine Prep, said that her favorite trend is the fact that the 80’s style is coming back. She doesn’t like “E-boys and girls” or “VSCO girls” because they are “gross and cringey”.

Stark wishes that the country trend would come back because she said you don’t see very many people dress that way anymore.

The trend that sticks out the most to Stark is the “VSCO girl” trend and according to her, it is annoying and ridiculous.

What trends stand out to you?