New and Improved

The ins and outs of Imagine Prep's new video announcements

October 2, 2019

 Sometimes in life, we need change, and sometimes that change comes in many forms.

One change came about when Imagine Prep switched to video announcements for the 2019-2020 school year. The question is: has this switch been seen as an improvement? 

Last year, announcements were over the speaker, but this year the announcement team decided to change it up. Media teacher Ben Andree teaches a class that is responsible for the morning announcements, known as the Announcements Team.

Junior Angel Eriksson filming senior Dylan Piert for the Storm morning announcements.




The announcement team consists of, Seniors, Santio Wells, Dylan Piert, and Adam Holguin, juniors, Angel Eriksson and Taryn Brock, and adviser Ben Andree.

“The students didn’t choose to be on the team they were just chosen and decided to stick around,” Andree said.

Andree decided to do announcements differently this year because there were many complaints year in and year out about the overhead announcements

“I always heard over and over again, I can’t hear, and so now people can see it which helps them remember it,” Andree said. 

The new announcements are there to ensure people can visualize what the announcement team is saying so that if they can’t hear it they can take a picture of it to remember the information. But the announcement team isn’t complete yet. 

“We’re growing, we are starting off basic and then going to have the kids do most of the work,” Andree said. 

Their plans are to make announcements more intriguing by having the announcement team kids do short commercials, record teachers, and have them edit their own parts of the video. But the important thing is, do students actually listen or pay attention to announcements?

“Sixth-graders call us celebrities,”  Holguin said.

This means sixth graders listen and watch announcements which is what the goal is for the newer announcements. 

To top it all off, the announcement team likes this way of announcement better than over the intercom announcements.

“I like it better because it gives us more time to prepare and you can retake it many times,” Andree said.

Piert joked that he sometimes gets picked on for his efforts on the video announcements.

“No, because I get made fun of,” Piert said.

Overall, the announcement team decided to change things up and try to get the student body to listen to and enjoy the morning announcements. They want people to be able to hear and read what is being said so that they remember what they are being told. The video announcements still has room for growth, and will work to implement new features throughout the year.


















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