Art Club


Art club's latest public art mural.

The Imagine Prep Surprise art club has been around forever with numerous new projects underway!

According to, the Imagine Prep art club is for middle and high school students interested in gaining art experiences outside of the classroom in a fun and relaxed environment. The art club has been around for years and was taken over by a new teacher in 2014 or 2015. Currently, the art club has a large member base with over 40 students and is being run by Daniel Bauer and Stacia Gunderson. Bauer, the current art teacher and head of art club staff, shared more information about the club.

¨Well, it’s a place for students who want to get artistic experiences outside of the regular art class or maybe they don’t have an art class, it’s a chance for them to be creative and create artwork for the school and for themselves,¨ Bauer said. ¨And also, to hang out with other artists in the school.”

Bauer was further questioned on what the art club’s current and future projects are.

“ … students are working on ceiling tile murals … also [we’re] working on murals for the girls bathrooms. Hopefully, we’re going to expand on that too – to other bathrooms. We’re working on a possible mural for the ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) club. We just recently finished up a MLK (Martin Luther King) junior poster contest. A couple of our girls got second place in it, that was for [the] city of Surprise. We’re also doing doodle for Google, that contest. And students also come up with their own projects that they work on,” Bauer said.

He continued, “ … A couple of students want to do some murals and what they plan on doing they kinda come up with as they go. Again, we like to do more of the bathroom murals and some students are continuing to work on ceiling tile murals. I’d like to get us a field trip somehow before the end of the school year but we’ll see if that happens.”

In art club, it’s mainly up to the students on what they do and the club meets once a week; the members usually work on their own personal projects but are focused on doing public art murals right now.

Bauer shared what he wishes everyone at Imagine Prep Surprise knew about art club.

“You don’t necessarily have to be an artist to join art club … even if you just have an interest in making things, you could join the club,¨ he said. 

Sophomore Ptolemeos Korvessis has been a member of art club since this year and stated that he joined because he wanted to interact with other people that also do art.

Meanwhile, sophomore Lukas Pedraza, who has been an art club member since eighth grade, was asked what he wish everyone knew about art club.

“Everyone’s artistic, you can always come by and make friends,¨ Pedraza said.

Pedraza also stated that people in the art club do all kinds of different artwork from animations to drawings and cartoons.

It seems the art club is a very friendly and open-to-all club. According to its members it has many new projects on the way (mostly public murals). The art club is always open for new members so come stop by!