Venom: The anti-hero

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After many Spiderman movies, sequels, spin-offs, cartoons, cameos, and TV shows – and probably more – Venom finally got his own movie. He has, in the past, gotten his own comic books, but this is the first feature length film that he stars in.


The first appearance of Venom in the Spiderman series was, “Spiderman 3”. After that movie failed and the fourth movie was cancelled, Venom never made an appearance in any film thereafter (except for cartoons).


In the film, the symbiote (an alien life form that latches onto victims, to act as a sort of “carrier”) acts as a friend for Eddie Brock (played by Tom Hardy), even though, Venom would really try to just use him compared to other Spiderman stories. The whole movie seems to go in a million different places all at once and seems so rushed in production. The CGI is okay, but at some parts (like the part where Eddie yells at the neighbor next door) it seems like they didn’t even try. One of the faces Eddie makes – when possessed with the symbiote – looks really cheap and makes you wonder: “What were they thinking?” Eddie Brock is also a really sympathetic character in the movie, compared to, if you were to watch “Spiderman 3” – or anything else for that matter – he isn’t as sympathetic; he’s actually quite self-absorbent, trying to take Peter Parker’s job, and not really caring for Gwen Stacy, his girlfriend (specifically, a scene where her life is in danger, he just stands there and takes pictures).


When I watched any other movie or show with Venom, or Eddie Brock, this is how it usually was. In this movie, they probably wanted to try something different. For example, the movie makes you care more for Eddie, as opposed to other shows or films where you may not like him as much. He’s also not really an “anti-hero” in this film. Eddie acts more as a hero, rebelling the experiments being done on humans; with Venom being completely separate from him, but also not really acting as an anti-hero. The worst he says, or does is wanting to eat people (which he eventually does).


The story starts to build up when Eddie (a journalist) gets the interview of a lifetime, with a scientist who has discovered the symbiote. Eddie doesn’t agree with the experiments being done, so instead of conducting a normal interview, he slanders the man and his work; and calls him out during the interview. Towards the end of the movie, Eddie finds some of the other test subjects and discovers that they are dying from the tests; but the scientist figures that, Eddie can actually carry the symbiote, then eventually the scientist figures out how to himself, resulting in the final battle scene between the two.


The action scenes in the movie were somewhat enjoyable. They involved Venom running into the villain of the movie and his goons. The villain is a scientist who is trying to find a suitable carrier for the symbiote (which also happens to be Eddie). Venom is an extremely powerful character in the movie, but he eventually rebels against the “villain” of the movie, who matches his strength.


Overall, the movie is filled with lots of action and could have a lot of potential. However, it seems rushed and the plot doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s also not really established whether Venom is a hero or not, or what he even is for that matter. I give it a 5 out of 10.