Avengers Infinity War: Forget everything you thought you knew

May 7, 2018

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Avengers Infinity War: Forget everything you thought you knew

“Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still comes.”

– Thanos



The most powerful super-villain in the Marvel Universe finally comes fist to fist with the Avengers in a fight for the one thing that could bring end to us all. The Infinity Stones that have the ability to manipulate the factors that man can’t control are the only things that are keeping Thanos from wiping away half of the universe, with just a snap of his fingers.


Marvel has once again developed a movie that will make you not want to leave your seat until the credits are gone. Before you enter that movie theater, you better erase all of your expectations and predictions because you have no idea what you are about to witness. Your mind will completely go blank after you watch this film because a concoction of different emotions are going to be spinning in your head that you will end up short circuiting after the end of the movie. You are going to be glued to your chair because every true fanatic knows that in every single Marvel movie, there is always an extra scene shown after the credits. Marvel is truly amazing at making people want to come back to watch what happens next. So until then, everyone that watches Avengers: Infinity War will just have to be left hanging because the ending is just mind blowing!


Thanos believes that his role in this lifetime is to keep everything in balance, and he plans to do so by eliminating half of the universe’s population. He sees himself as this savior to all and feels obligated to go on this mission to find all of the six Infinity Stones so that his plan can be fulfilled. You might ask, what is so powerful about these stones? Well, let’s just say that each stone holds a specific power that is vital to life, and if Thanos collects all of them, he will basically become a god. He will be able to control EVERYTHING and he will be unstoppable.


I can’t and don’t want to spoil too much about this movie, but I will definitely hype it up for you because I believe it is one that is worth watching. Let’s just start from the beginning. Without hesitation, we are already in the heart of an action scene and the antagonist is introduced to the audience right away. Get ready for a heart attack because Marvel hits you hard with a plot twist in not even 10 minutes into the movie. Everything that you would expect is thrown out the window in this film.


Throughout the entire film, Marvel didn’t want to leave the viewers bored and kept spitting out different situations with different characters that were in different parts of the galaxy. To me, it was really pleasing for Marvel to do that because it just showed how much was going on at the same time, that every single superhero was putting in their part in trying to defeat Thanos. The amount of preparation that the Avengers had to go through just for his arrival really emphasizes how powerful, intimidating, and terrifying Thanos truly was.


This movie will not only make you bite your nails, but it will also make you laugh until you cry. As you may know, most of the Marvel super heroes are humans that tend to handle situations in a very humanly way. It was so hilarious to hear their conversations and see how they handled situations because it was like they came out of their superhero characters and were acting like regular people. An addition to that, Marvel is the best at “ruining the moment”. If a really emotional scene came on that made you want to tear up, Marvel just smacks you in the face with a sprinkle of comedy to lighten up the situation. The movie didn’t want you to be in total meltdown for too long.


Marvel just keeps raising the bar with every movie that they come out with when it comes to visuals and graphics. The amount of detail that is shown on the screen, especially in the special effects makeup, from Thanos’s huge vein filled hands, to the endless amount of creases and marks on Iron Man’s suit, this movie demonstrates the tremendous amount of time the artists had to sacrifice in order to make fantasy become a reality. Things that only seemed possible to look at only through imagination was right in your face on the big screen. It felt has if I wasn’t even watching a movie anymore and what I was looking at was real life.


Overall, I give this movie a big 10/10 for making me want to watch Avengers 4 when it comes out in 2019 because MARVEL CAN NOT LEAVE ME HANGING LIKE THIS. In all seriousness, I really do recommend Avengers: Infinity War to everyone because I truly believe it will soon become one of the classics that everyone just has to watch at least once in their lifetime. It’s not everyday you get to watch a movie when the only thing that you can expect is the unexpected.

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