Together before the good lucks and goodbyes

May 7, 2018

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Together before the good lucks and goodbyes

When it comes to graduation, it doesn’t only mean taking that next step into the real world and pursuing the path that will ultimately decide our future, it also means saying goodbye to the people that you grew up with or that you are use to seeing everyday. So before each of the seniors separate and head their own way, Student Council and the Senior Parent Leadership Committee came up with an idea that would let all of the participating seniors make a few final memories together.


Senior April Cekosh, a member of student council, explained overall what the senior events are and why they are taking place.


“ It’s a way of saying congratulations on making it to graduation,” Cekosh said. “We had a group of senior parents that chose these events. These events are simple and are a fun way for the seniors to let loose before they head into the next stage of their lives. Many of these events are donation based and the ones that you have to pay for are pretty affordable. We just want to give seniors something to do other than sitting in a classroom.”


Teachers and staff do a lot for students on a daily basis and student council made an event called 18 Days of Kindness for seniors to participate in just to say thank you to them for all that they do.


Senior Hannah Fritch, also a member of student council, explained what exactly 18 days of kindness is and when the countdown begins.


“So 18 days of kindness is pretty much the 18 days of the worst month of the school year and we’re going to use it to consider our staff and teachers who have done a lot for us,” Fritch said. “For the seniors, pretty much what we’re going to do is team up with the senior parent committee and hand out presents, whether it be all of the teachers one day and then maybe to individual teachers another day. It’s just all going to be very mixed up.”


Mikaila Intemann, a senior here at the Prep, described how she sees 18 days of kindness and what’s the importance of this activity.


“I like how we are just helping the teachers and giving them encouragement instead of doing a senior prank this year,” Intemann said.


There are a lot of activities happening during the senior events and RoseMarie Feeley, also a senior member of the student council, explained what the senior events specifically are and when each event will be happening.


“For the last month, seniors will have a senior outing on May 14 from 10 a.m – 3 p.m.” Feeley said. “On May 16, at 6:00 p.m. , the senior/parent banquet will be held. May 17 is the senior group picture and the field day. Field day will have different games just for the seniors to play. We are also thinking about including a bounce house. On May 18, there will be a senior class breakfast where we will receive our cap and gown and awards. On May 21, seniors will be going to Imagine Rosefield and walk the halls to encourage young children to graduate. On May 22, seniors will meet at CCV for graduation rehearsals at 10 a.m. And finally on May 23, seniors have their graduation ceremony.” 


Intemann is going to be participating in these events and explained her feelings towards the activities.


“I am going to the Main Event, the dinner, and the breakfast,” Intemann said. “I’m just really excited to go and hang out with my friends and not have to worry about school work.”


Get ready seniors, in a matter of days, you will get to experience that iconic moment where you get to stare at a sky full of graduation caps. These events not only allow the seniors to enjoy their last few days as high school students but it also brings the people that were a part of their high school life together whether that is friends, family, or teachers to create an everlasting moment where saying the final goodbyes is going to be heartbreaking. It’s going to be hard, but at least the seniors will be able to look back and say “it was fun while it lasted.”

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