Hot fudge?


Name: Dairy Queen

Ranking of Drink: 4/5

Price: $4.00 – $6.00 plus tax


A sweet, cold beverage that is guaranteed to put you in a good mood, milkshakes are known for their wide range of possible ingredients that surprisingly blend perfectly with the one of the ingredient that makes this drink different from a smoothie; ice cream!

When it comes to my milkshakes, I don’t really enjoy the crazy and complex shakes that have several different ingredients in it; I like it plain and simple with just enough of a twist to make it unique and one of a kind.

So, I went into Dairy Queen to see what they have to offer in terms of scrumptious milkshakes. Of course, they have the classic shakes that should be on every dessert menu, chocolate, strawberry, or a vanilla milkshake. Then, they got creative and listed out other shakes like the banana shake, peanut butter shake, caramel shake, and the hot fudge shake.

I am a huge chocolate lover that would have no problem finishing a tub of it all by myself, so I immediately looked at the options that contained that lovely ingredient. I felt a little extra that day and decided not to get the plain chocolate one and instead chose to try out the hot fudge milkshake. The service was exceptionally fast, which I appreciated very much, and in no time, I was able to give the milkshake a go.

When I first received the shake, it looked like a regular classic chocolate milkshake. I was expecting to see hot fudge syrup to be present in the cup, but as I looked at it from the sides, there was a lack of it. I finally got to see this precious syrup when I looked at the bottom of my cup. There wasn’t as much of it as I was hoping for, but I was just happy that they didn’t leave out the ingredient that made the shake a “hot fudge” milkshake.

I took my first sip of the shake and all of the ingredients came together in a perfect balance. I have a big sweet tooth and this milkshake exceeded my expectations when it comes to the amount of sugar in the drink. As I was sipping it more, I questioned what is different about this shake compared to a classic chocolate one, because in my opinion, it tasted as if I ordered a regular chocolate milkshake. I mean, I’m not complaining because of how much of a chocoholic I am, but it seemed to me that this hot fudge milkshake was missing something that would make it unique.

Despite the lack of originality, I still enjoyed the drink very much and I wouldn’t mind getting it again the next time I make a pit stop at Dairy Queen.

Try it out for yourself if one day you have a sudden craving for delicious chocolate!