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Imagine Prep glee club steals the show

Imagine Prep glee club steals the show

One of Imagine Prep’s newest clubs is all about filling the halls with music. IPS Glee Club is a student-run club that introduces students to the joy of singing and performing.


The definition of the word glee is “exultant high-spirited joy” and that is exactly what the students and teachers in charge of the club are hoping to achieve.


Glee Club is open to both high school and middle schoolers, and is run by high schoolers Melody Steele, Kaih Whitfield and  Annabelle Daigle. Jacob Culver, a math teacher at the Prep, and Alexandra Zito, an English teacher, oversee and coach the club members.


Zito has been helping out since the beginning of the year.


“I saw a great opportunity to work with some great young musicians,” Zito said.


Her overall goal for the club is for everyone to step out of their comfort zone.


Having Zito around has definitely improved how the Glee Club functions. Her students are very excited for her to return next year.


The club has been running since the second semester of last year and was started by juniors Steele and Whitfield.


Whitfield said their goal for the club was to have our group come together and perform against other glee clubs.


Eighth Grader Izabel Boroski is an original member of Glee and has enjoyed being a part of the group. She has encouraged many of her friends to join the club and plans to return as a freshman next year.


Boroski said Glee Club has helped her to become more confident in front of people. It has also taught her how to have fun while learning how to improve her vocal skills. Since she has joined Glee Club, she has auditioned for solos and performed in duets and trios for the club.


Another original member of Glee is Eighth Grader Kaylin Hayes. She has also enjoyed coming to glee to form new friendships and get more comfortable singing in front of other people.


Her favorite part of the glee club is how interactive it is. 


“When I first began singing I wasn’t very comfortable, but by the end of the year I was more confident and singing came easier to me,” Hayes said. 


Unfortunately, Hayes plans to attend Valley Vista for high school and will not be returning to the Glee club next year.


Though some members come and go, the bond that students who joined glee club have built are unbreakable. Glee has become a place where people can feel comfortable about being themselves and learning about one of life’s greatest treasures: music.


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