Let’s Go To The Movies!

Karissa Jimenez, Staff Writer

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What’s a better way to spend your weekend then taking a trip to the movies with your family or friends? Every year brings new movies which draw in new interests. From action to horror there’s something out there for everyone. Instead of searching for new movies coming out, here’s a handful of 2018’s upcoming releases.

The Incredibles 2

(image from IMDb)

Release Date: June 15

Genre: Action/Adventure

Rating: Not yet rated

Plot: Elastigirl has to do the saving of civilians, leaving Mr. Incredible to face the challenges of his three children.


(image from IMDb)

Release Date: April 13

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Rating: PG-13

Plot: A remake of the original Overboard comes Kate, a single mother of three daughters, working for a selfishly rich playboy named Leonardo. After Leonardo falls off of his yacht, it leaves him in the hospital with amnesia. Remembering all the times Leonardo has been a horrible boss towards her, Kate decides to retrieve him from the hospital and convince him that he’s her husband.


Ready Player One

(image from IMDb)

Release Date: March 29

Genre: Thriller film/Fantasy

Rating: PG-13

Plot: Based on the novel, Ready Player One is based in the near future where gamers compete inside a massive video game universe to find an “Easter egg” hidden by the network’s recently deceased creator, which promises real life riches. Wade Watts becomes the first player to successfully finish the first level of the test, sparking a race to crack the game’s code.


(image from IMDb)

Release Date: October 19

Genre: Slasher/Horror

Rating: R

Plot: A final showdown with the masked killer Michael Myers.

Love, Simon

(image from IMDb)

Release Date: March 16

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Rating: PG-13

Plot: 17-year old Simon Spier is just like everyone else, looking for a great love story. The only problem is that he hasn’t told his friends or family that he is gay. Falling for an anonymous classmate he met online, leaves Simon on a journey of both hilarious and terrifying life changes.

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Let’s Go To The Movies!